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A Navigational Aid System for Visually Impaired Using Microsoft Kinect (Mar '14)

The International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists


Mahmud Ridwan, Ehtesham Choudhury, Bruce Poon, Md Ashraful Amin, Hong Yan

Spatio-temporal Patterns in Climate and Hydrological Features (May '13)

International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision


Mahabub Akram, Mahmud Ridwan, Tarif Ezaz, M Rashedur Rahman

Profound Impact of Artificial Neural Networks and Gaussian SVM Kernel on Distinctive Feature Set for Offline Signature Verification (May '12)

International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision


Sheikh Faisal Mishkat, Mahmud Ridwan, Ehtesham Choudhury, Saami Rahman

A Web-based Land Management System for Bangladesh (Dec '11)

International Conference on Computer and Information Technology


Ehtesham Choudhury, Mahmud Ridwan, M Abdul Awal, Shazzad Hosain