hjr265.me / Experience

Software Engineer / CEO (Sep ‘15 - present)

Furqan Software Ltd. furqansoftware.com

Integration Developer (Jul ‘21 - Sep ‘22)

Deliveroo (as Toptal Freelancer) deliveroo.co.uk

Designed and implemented state machine-based data pipelines.

Implemented and maintained custom integrations with Go.

Reviewed and refined integration developer documentation.

Facilitated team stand-ups and refinement sessions.

Go, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS (Lambda, S3, Step Functions), Terraform

Lead Editor for Engineering Blog (Jan ‘15 - May ‘21)

Toptal LLC toptal.com

Separation Anxiety: A Tutorial for Isolating Your System with Linux Namespaces

Going Real-Time with Redis Pub/Sub

The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes That Node.js Developers Make

Simplified NGINX Load Balancing with Loadcat

Deploy Web Applications Automatically Using GitHub Webhooks

Introducing Battlescripts: Bots, Ships, Mayhem!

Predicting Likes: Inside A Simple Recommendation Engine's Algorithms

Taming WebRTC with PeerJS: Making a Simple P2P Web Game

Top 8 Most Common Mistakes That Backbone.js Developers Make

Senior Software Engineer (Sep ‘12 - Apr ‘15)


Lithouse Developer Portal

Defense Contracts Aggregator

Report Engine (later Meghdut)

Other client projects

Node.js, Python, Go, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS S3, IronMQ

Judge at ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional (Nov ‘13 - Dec ‘14)

Bangladesh Association of Problem Setters icpc.bubt.edu.bd/2014/?icpcpg=judgsInfo

ACM ICPC 2014 Dhaka Regional

ACM ICPC 2013 Dhaka Regional

Full-stack Developer (Feb ‘14 - Nov ‘14)

Mainsocial (as Toptal Freelancer)

Fantasy Sport Web Games

Web Applications

Firebase, JavaScript

System Administrator (Jul ‘03 - Mar ‘14)

PARIKALPAK parikalpak.com

Network Administration

Configure Hardware and Software

Teaching Assistant (May ‘11 - Apr ‘12)

North South University northsouth.edu

Discrete Mathematics

Digital Logic

Operating Systems Design

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Programming Language Concepts

Teacher (May ‘08 - Aug ‘09)

ADROIT International adroitschoolbd.com

Chemistry (GCE O’ and A’ Level)